"Is that original, or did you have that put in?" This is what I want my designs to accomplish. As a designer of extensions and renovations for Mid Century homes, I am passionate about extending, preserving and celebrating Mid-Century styles, while making a client’s home work for their 21st century needs.

As a child of the 1960s, my Uncle Allen and Aunty Pam owned a beautiful Mid Century home in Sydney’s Seaforth, which I always loved visiting. This spurred my affinity for these innovative homes of the 1950s, 60s and 70s, right to this day.

I began my residential design journey by studying architecture at the University of Sydney, graduating with a Bachelor of Science (Architecture) and a Bachelor of Architecture. During my undergraduate years, I had the opportunity to meet with Australia’s most famous Modernist Architect, Harry Seidler. I visited him at his office and later at his home in Killara, as part of one of my Australian Architectural History electives. His first project, the 1950 Rose Seidler House, is now owned by the National Trust of Australia and has left a lasting influence on Australian residential home design. I am also principally influenced by the work of architect Robin Boyd and builders Pettit & Sevitt, for their “educated, rational, contemporary architecture” combining high-minded style with cost-effectiveness in homes throughout these decades.

For me, the appreciation of Mid Century style is at the core of my boutique residential design consultancy, “Secret Design Studio”. I founded my practice in 2010 after working for many years in the corporate world doing design and design management for some of Australia’s biggest residential builders. My skills in meeting clients, winning work, co-ordinating draftspeople and consultants, liaising with town planning and overseeing development is integral to maintaining and growing my business. Unlike working for others, I relish the fact I have turned my passion into my sole profession each day.

What is that passion? My enthusiasm stems from designing with soul, designing from a place of real affinity for the aesthetic, and designing with an aim to inspire my clients to fall in love with the house they call home, forever. My stock and trade is designing "forever" homes, for households that want to love living in their home for many years, possibly decades. I run a service built on passion, reinforced by honesty and integrity.


“For me, the appreciation of Mid Century style is at the core of my boutique residential design” consultancy

I generally don’t work for developers or for project builders as they just don’t get it. I am against the contemporary "McMansion" style mausoleums proliferating through our suburbs. Bigger is not better, and often less (if well designed) can actually be a lot more.

My love for Mid Century style doesn't just stop at helping clients with extensions, renovations or new homes. I can also help with interior design in sourcing the right fittings, finishes, furniture, lights and colour selections, and making it all work together. I'm about  style that endures and good design that really works for my clients. If you or someone you know shares the same feeling, please contact me. I'd very much like to talk to you. Please visit the Contact page.