Preserving Our Mid-Century Legacy


Secret Design Studio is passionate about Mid Century architecture and design partly as a response to the modern trend of “McMansions” – stale, uninspired design misguided by a notion that “bigger is better”, that ignores site opportunities and the neighbourhood character. Many architecturally interesting Mid-Century homes across our suburbs have been demolished, and lost forever, to make way for these McMansions which are often over-scaled for their lots, and even oversized for the households that live in them.

Many Mid Century homes are often unfashionably understated from the street, yet usually have lots of interior style, which is the reverse of the McMansion trend. Mid Century homes are usually more modest in scale by today’s standards, but big in heart. Many of today’s modern homes are all front, no character, whereas many Mid Century homes have an enduring character that runs through from the front letterbox to the rear patio.

Our goal is to conserve Mid-Century style with
consistency and accuracy

Many architects are oblivious to some homeowners’ affinity with Mid Century home design, often implementing poorly matched extensions or renovations for homes from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s in the name of fashion. From the 1980’s onwards ill-considered renovations or additions compromised or destroyed the natural personality of many Mid Century homes. Secret Design Studio aims to set things right. We design with consistency and accuracy at the top of mind. We maintain an unfailing look throughout the house from the frontage, living areas, bathrooms, kitchens and all the way to the backyard. Secret Design Studio is not simply a design studio, but a practice in conservation, and sometimes re-instatement.

To get to the heart of details

Some larger practices won’t touch renovations or extensions due to the amount of time and effort to get it right. Some draftsmen churn out extensions as if they were on factory lines, without much respect for the existing character of a home.

Secret Design Studio treats clients’ homes like their forever homes; homes they will cherish for the long term. Secret Design Studio cares for the minor details lending authenticity and longevity to a whole. We craft the finest designs, and can source design appropriate fixtures, fittings and even furniture if required. If you need a design that’s not only functional but also authentic to the original character of your home contact Secret Design Studio today.