Who We Are
Secret Design Studio – retro renovation design with distinction.

If you own a home designed in one of the Mid Century styles of the 1950s, 1960s or 1970s, it proves difficult finding people that understand and appreciate your home. Harder still is finding a designer who has the breadth of knowledge and experience and who shares your affinity for your home when the time comes to renovate or extend.

Secret Design Studio is your boutique building and interior design consultancy that values authentic work that is tasteful and style appropriate, but still works for your 21st century lifestyle. We create design informed by years of experience, with a studied eye covering the finer points of Mid Century style. If you require continuity of your home’s look and feel, with a design that endures, we invite you to arrange an in-home consultation with us.

'We take on boutique Mid Century design projects as both passionate creators and style custodians'

We believe that the Mid Century styles are worthy of preservation and celebration. If you own a home to enjoy the comfort and aesthetics inherent in Mid Century design, Secret Design Studio is your perfect partner for renovation or extension design. We match your affinity for appealing Mid Century styles with modern living. If your home renovation requires the utmost care, attention to detail and style with verve and passion, look no further than Secret Design Studio.