Our Secret

The secret behind our designs is the "tap on the nose" between designer and client. Only the two of us will ever know what part of your Mid Century home is "new" and what remains "original." The secret is feeling a quiet satisfaction knowing your bathroom fixtures, living room furniture or totally new room is part of the original building or the new addition.


'Keeping people guessing is our raison d'être'


In our fast moving, multi-media world, everybody is subject to today’s fashionable photos of glamorous, on-trend, homes through real estate advertising, reality television shows, project builder’s display homes, supplier’s showrooms and glossy magazines, which are designed as marketing to be seductive.

However Secret Design Studio believes that for the best long term value a renovation shouldn’t follow the latest fashion trends, but be guided by the original architecture of the home. Nothing dates faster than yesterday’s fashionable trend. If you are planning in selling your mid century home within the short term completing a renovation with the latest fashion trend may risk excluding those that like the character of the original part of your home. However if you have no plans to sell in the short term a better value proposition is to design in sympathy with the existing home, so when the time does come to sell potential buyers can’t easily date the renovation by its previously-fashionable style.

Secret Design Studio has the resources and knows the suppliers for everything from mid-century dinettes, to period appropriate laminates, and can source the right light fixtures.