Second Opinion Design Review

Not quite right? Need a second opinion? Discovered that the “designer” that you have engaged doesn’t really get it? Have you assumed that your “designer” knows what Mid-Century means and actually knows how to design?

Secret Design Studio gets lots of enquiries from people all around Australia that are half way through a project and have realized that not all draftspeople, building designers and architects are equal when it comes to listening to their clients, good design, let alone Mid-Century design. 

While we prefer to visit your home for our consultation services it is not always practical or possible. Secret Design Studio initiated our Skype Design Review service to help Australians that were outside Melbourne who needed an experienced and professional eye to look over their project.

After our Skype Design Review you will have a much better understanding of your plans, the answer to your questions will be clarified, and you will have enough information to have a meaningful discussion with your designer to address any issues.

From Victoria M. in Narrabundah, ACT 2604,

"Alistair was very responsive to our initial request for advice regarding a potential property purchase. Given that we are not located in Melbourne we went with the Secret Design Studio’s Skype service. Having provided Alistair with the documentation and photographs we had of the property, we were asked what our top questions were. It was evident from the Skype session that Alistair had gone over the documentation in detail and was able to provide us with advice and tips for assessing the property including key areas where potential risks might arise due to the age of the property. We were also very grateful for the ideas and inspiration that Alistair provided so that we could envisage what the property could become if purchased. Very happy with the professional and timely service. Thanks again Alistair!"


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How does it work?

You will need to have good internet access that can maintain a Skype connection. Prior to our Skype Design Review you would need to send Secret Design Studio:

  1. Photos of the site and existing building,
  2. The proposed plans and elevations,
  3. The brief that you gave your designer,
  4. Your top five most important questions

After all of your information has been received and assessed we would schedule a Skype Design Review to go through your plans together, identify any issues, and address your top five most important questions.  Busy couples often have trouble scheduling time together to focus on their project during business hours, so our Skype Design Review can be scheduled for weekday evenings. During our consultation, which will be about one to two hours,  there will be plenty of options, solutions, and suggestions discussed.

The minimum charge period is for two hours, which is made up of one hour spent understanding your plans, photos and completing a design assessment, followed by up to one hour of Skype consultation time.  Additional time is charged on a pro-rata basis. The consultation is limited to opinions, information and advice and would not include services such as design work, concept sketches or colour selections due to the limited time of the consultation.  At the end of our Skype Design Review you can decide if you would like to schedule a follow-up review session, or to engage Secret Design Studio for our other services.