Blog comments turned off due to spam-bots
Alistair McLean
Category: From the Studio

Alistair: Posted on Sunday, 19 May 2013 11:04 PM


Unfortunately Secret Design Studio has had to make the difficult decision to turn the comments section of this blog off.  This means that you will no longer be able to ask queries to Secret Design Studio or respond to blog postings through the blog comments.

The good news is that the Secret Design Studio Facebook page is working well and even has an enquiry button, and there is always email and phone. These contact details can be found on the Secret Design Studio website – this blog is part of the website.

All readers comments are sent to Secret Design Studio for approval before publishing on this blog.  Since starting the blog there has only been one internet trolling incident (Hi Coco!), and I chose to respond directly to the author to set the record straight, which has stopped it.

For the past six months Secret Design Studio has been receiving spam comments, usually three or four times a day, from automated spam-robots, which are usually trying to link into another website, or sell something (fake watches, jewellery, viagra etc), so these spam comments are deleted and never published.

Despite my careful watch, and never having published any spam, they have redoubled their efforts, so four or five spam commenst a day, are now four or five comments an hour, and frankly Secret Design Studio has better things to do than clear the inbox of spam comments sent for approval.

So I hope the humans out there understand that the comment functionality of this blog has been turned off for the time being, and I may turn it back on in a few months to see if the spam-bots have stopped their torrent.

By the way if anybody needs and viagra, fake watches or jewellery let me know.