“Is it MCM?” Parts 1 and 2 Full version.
Alistair McLean

“Is it MCM?” Parts 1 and 2 Full version.

Download #3 Secret Design Studio’s “Is it Mid-Century Modern” furniture checklist Parts 1 and 2, full-version.

There is a lot of confusion about what constitutes Mid-Century Modern furniture, so in conjunction with “The Vintage Post” we put these 12 points together to help you identify MCM furniture. This checklist was originally posted in two sections as part of “The Vintage Post” blog, and this download is both sections combined into one document.  With twenty photos it is quite a large document so there is also a smaller version, with less information and fewer photos, which can be used as a memory jogger in reference to this full version.

is it MCM parts 1 and 2