Berowra Heights, NSW: A.C’s Program Building Industries Pty Ltd split level home designed by architect Michael Dysart

Program Building Industries Pty Ltd split level home designed by architect Michael Dysart. Photo via prior to renovation.

“We used Alistair for a Dr Retro House call, and spoiler alert – he was great.

Our early 70’s home was designed by Michael Dysart during his time at one of the Project Home builders. Alistair immediately recognized the design, and was able to then see what had been update, and how the layout had changed.

Our primary goal was to go over an exterior colour scheme to suit the house and it’s position, he immediately discussed the pro’s and con’s of various colour schemes and was then able to
suggest a colour combination that we are looking forward to applying and testing on a exterior wall. It wasn’t just about the exterior colours, we also covered, windows, floor boards, roofing, patio

In a short, but intense 2 hours we now have the starting point for a plan on how we’ll maintain and update our home, and a resource that we can engage with going forward.
We’d spoken with a number of designers and architects and had them out to go through our place, but they didn’t click with us and importantly didn’t get the house, the layout or the feel.

Alistair was the complete opposite, providing practical suggestions to questions, and advice on products and services that he’s specified and has used, and how they can be integrated into our
home. I’ll admit it did seem a bit strange booking an Architect house call, but when we went through the list of topics that we have have discussed over the past few years and then had the opportunity to run them all past an expert, that was to good an opportunity to pass up.

If you are considering booking a Dr Retro House call here are a few tips.
Build up you list of questions / topics
Book the appointment
Send the kid / dog / distractions away for a few hours while you have the appointment.”