Heidelberg, Vic: A.N’s 1960’s Mid-Century Modest home
Wall light fitted to stone wall

Spun aluminium wall light fixed into slate stone wall.

“We sought out Secret Design Studio to help us with ideas to renovate our mid-century house. We were asked to give 10 questions of things we thought we would like to do/change/ achieve with our renovation. This was a very clever idea as it made us think about what it was we really wanted for our house. Alistair came back with some great ideas (things we didn’t even think of) and alternatives to how we could achieve so much more with the spaces we have to work with. The other great thing was he was able to direct us to be able to find fittings and fixtures that will tie in with the era of our house. Would highly recommend getting Alistair in to give you ideas for your home.”

A.N of Heidelberg, Victoria

Mosaic bathroom tiles

Original harlequin mosaic bathroom floor tiles in pinks and greys

Mid-century home in Heidelberg

A.N’s 1960’s Mid-Century Modest home in Heidelberg