Kingsbury, Victoria: EK and SK’s post-war home
Secret Design Studio, Mid-Century Modern Architecture, Melbourne

Post-war home in Kingsbury, Victoria, Dr Retro Virtual Visit

“My wife and I discovered Secret Design Studio at a very crucial time of planning to renovate our post-war home. Having spent the last year investigating design options that fitted within our budget was proving to be quite a challenge to overcome. We organised a Dr Retro Virtual Visit with Alistair because of the Covid-19 Stage 4 restrictions. Ahead of the session, Alistair asked that we take the time to submit our design questions about the renovation. This was a very useful exercise for my wife and I as there were quite a few things causing us increasing confusion and concern.

Alistair was very well prepared for the virtual session and patiently went over each of the areas raised. These included questions such as whether it was cost-efficient to build upstairs, kitchen and bathroom designs, maximising storage solutions, heating and cooling options, colour schemes for the interior and exterior of the home and future-proofing the home as we have a young family.

The consultation was professional and thorough and gave us the answers we needed so that we can confidently proceed with the renovation. Alistair’s solutions were practical, efficient and within our budget. Furthermore, Alistair provided creative design solutions that will allow us to complete the current renovations as well as further work to the property when we can afford to.

We thank Alistair for his kindness and patience in dealing with our concerns and now feel more confident and clear-headed to move forward and renovate the family home that we will love and enjoy.”

Secret Design Studio, Mid-Century Modern Architecture, Melbourne