Kew, Victoria: IH’s 1980s big brown house


Secret Design Studio, mid-century modern architecture, Melbourne

1980s big brown house, Kew, Victoria, Dr Retro House Call

(Dr Retro House Call)

“We invited Alistair to challenge his design skills and realise the potential of our Monolith in Brown, circa 1989. He came to visit exactly on time, and had done his homework. He was very clear on what would and wouldn’t work, and wasn’t afraid to be direct when he disagreed with our views. He came up with some highly transformative ideas and talked through what would be the most cost effective options for us. He skilfully led us through a marital roadblock on whether to render or not to render, and how we can celebrate the character of our brickwork. His passion for design is infectious, and the breadth of his skill clearly evident. We really enjoyed the opportunity of a Dr Retro home visit. I predict that his passion for 1980’s design will only increase after this visit.”