Kew, Victoria: JD and IH’s 1980’s Colonial home gets a Dr Retro Virtual Visit

We greatly benefited from Alistair’s insights in our original “Dr Retro House Call”. He provided sound guidance on how best to approach our 1980’s brick home to “de-brown” it significantly and introduce complimentary colours and materials that softened and greatly improved the overall aesthetic. After implementing some of the easier aesthetic changes we have returned to Alistair to get some further detailed advice leading into the construction changes. Due to lockdowns, this one was a virtual visit but Alistair still managed to present the information and choices clearly and concisely, then sent through electronic information and physical samples making it easy for us to follow and make final choices as we move forward.

JD and IH’s 1980’s Colonial home in Kew, Victoria gets a Dr Retro Virtual Visit