Park Orchards, Victoria: S and AS’s 1980’s home designed by architect David L. Caldwell
Secret Design Studio, Mid-Century Modern Architecture, Melbourne

1980’s home designed by architect David L. Caldwell in Park Orchards, Victoria

(Dr Retro House Call)

“We called in Dr Retro (Alistair) to confirm that our beloved 1982 one-off architecturally designed bespoke house could be adapted relatively easily if needs be to more modern expectations and lifestyles. We wish we had called him in a year earlier, well before embarking on our sales campaign. We had insufficient time to follow up on Alistair’s very practical major proposals before going to market in a few weeks. However, the simpler ideas gained from his consultation should give the house appeal to a broad range of buyers, from the devoted “retro” market to those who can see the potential for modern adaption. Improving the light within gloomier areas, removing some blinds, a smaller desk to create more study space, bringing viewers more directly to the front door are just some of his many ideas easily implemented. His grander proposals will be passed to prospective buyers to help them see that the design can be adapted without loss of era or quality, if that is their desire, rather than have a Real Estate agent make amateur suggestions. The cost of the “Dr Retro House Call’ is more than compensated for by our increased confidence that our special house will now present more appealingly to potential buyers. Time will tell! “