Secret Design Studio is seeking collaborators.
Alistair McLean
Category: Building, From the Studio, Renovations

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Since the launch of our “Dr Retro House Call” service we underestimated the number of people looking for a little bit of help and advice with their mid-century home.  We also underestimated how many of these at-home appointments would lead to further engagement for small design jobs.  Secret Design Studio is now the busiest we have been in the seven years since we started, and has a back-log of work.  As a result Secret Design Studio is seeking collaborators.

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As a small design consultancy we realized a long time ago about the power of collaboration with other like-minded firms to help with our work flow.  We currently collaborate with a very select group of architects, interior designers, cabinetmakers and small builders. These are people who love and understand mid-century design, and are happy to collaborate for the best results for our clients.

We are seeking an experienced draftsperson/building design company for a part-time collaboration. This person must love mid-century design, be happy to work in collaboration with Secret Design Studio, have a great eye for detail and have their own AutoCAD and ABN. We are not looking to offer a position, but like our other collaborators, they will remain independent, using their own space, hardware, software, in conjunction with their existing business.

The work is to assist with building permits/tender documentation for our smallest jobs.  They need to be Melbourne based, happy to collaborate, understand the local building regulations,  know how to work to a deadline and to a budget on small, tight, residential projects in the $30K to $100K spectrum.

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Some of our smaller jobs are just one room, such as a bathroom or kitchen renovation in a mid-century style.  Most builders prefer to work on larger jobs, which are often more profitable. I am also looking for additional small domestic scale builders who are happy to collaborate with Secret Design Studio on this small scale with strong project management and customer service skills.

If you foot the bill and are interested in a part-time collaboration with Secret Design Studio then please send me a resume to If you have any questions please phone Alistair, Principal of Secret Design Studio, on 0448 579 707.

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