Welcome to Secret Design Studio’s new mobile friendly website.
Alistair McLean
Category: From the Studio

After 12 months of planning, writing, a big false start, reviews, and amendments Secret Design Studio is really happy to announce our new mobile-friendly website.

A big thank you to Jaquie Baker, and her very patient account manager, Andy Brown, as well as the rest of the very creative team at Silver Lane Studio, to bringing all of my website dreams to fruition. As a creative client I suspect that I haven’t been their easiest client.

While 12 months seems like a long time for a website the main issue was that we started off on the wrong foot with another website designer, and after a long period of poor communication and lack of progress decided to start afresh with the team at Silver Lane, who have managed to compartmentalize a lot of information, organised into a format that works well, and looks beautiful on a phone screen in a comparatively short time.

It has been a really interesting experience for me being a client with limited knowledge, instead of the professional with lots of knowledge helping clients. I learnt that there are a lot more marketing and strategy skills to website design than I ever imagined, and that it really needs a team of well-managed, creative professionals, to bring it all together. In fact there are a lot of parallels between creating a great website, and creating a great home.

With Facebook providing more challenges to small business the new website has a lot more resources available that are easier to find, including most of the old blog posts which are being transferred from the clumsy old website from 2011. It will also provide links to our Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Houzz sites, so if you can’t find one of our social media sites, the new website is probably the first place to visit. Enjoy!

To get in contact with the creative professionals at Silver Lane Studios follow the link: http://silverlanestudio.com/